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A closer look will reveal that many nutritional supplements and vitamins in the market contain ingredients in small doses, such that is truly questionable if they can make any difference. The nutritional supplement industry is not regulated as the pharmaceutical industry; therefore, the nutritional supplements available in stores may vary significantly concerning quality and efficacy.

This means that the nutritional supplements available in the market may or may not contain the right ingredients and the dose needed for the intended result. In other cases the nutritional supplement includes herbs, vitamins or minerals that absolutely have nothing to do with the intended result.

Our vitamin and nutritional supplements formulations are careful developed concerning quality and efficacy.

All ingredients used in our formulations are from reputable source and routinely tested for quality certification.

All nutritional supplements and vitamins are manufactured in licensed facilities to ensure higher standards. Most ingredients are listed under the American Pharmacopoeia, which establishes uniform standards for medical and pharmaceutical materials used in drugs or nutritional supplements.

Our formulas are based on scientific evidence or traditional use if scientific evidence is unavailable. We reject any ingredient that is not widely accepted by the scientific community or does not meet our standards.

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Our products are manufactured in facilities registered by the NSF-GMP. NSF International is the world's leader in standards development and product certification for the health industry.

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