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Bigger Breasts Without Surgery

Breast Enlargement Herbal Supplement

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$28.25 / bottle = 1 month supply

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30-day supply: $28.25
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Product Features & Benefits

Natural Breast Enlargement - Get Bigger Breasts.
  • Get bigger breasts naturally; unique herbal formula
  • BiggerBra includes Fennel and Fenugreek
  • Estrogen effect-like for breasts enhancement
  • An alternative to breast implants.
  • All herbal compound, no side effect
  • Try before electing breast surgery
  • Must take at least for 3 months for results

Product Overview

How to Get Bigger Breasts

Breasts enlargement herbs compounds are nutritional supplement to help women to get bigger breasts. An alternative to breasts implants are pills for breast enlargement containing estrogen-like herbs to stimulate the production of estrogen hormone responsible for firmer and larger breasts. This product is a proprietary blend of specialized herbs, including fenugreek herb and fennel, blended with other herbs for breast enlarging.

Breast enlargement pills must be taken during 3 months at least, and can be discontinued after results.*

You should try this herbal supplement before electing breast implants. This may be a cost effective solution to breast implants.

* Pills for breast enlargement may not work for everybody. Results vary from person to person. It all depends on individual metabolism and other complex body functions. However, herbal pills are inexpensive and it may worth a  trial before electing breasts surgery.

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Product Formulation

breast enlargement formula

This formulation includes traditional herbs used in Western and Chinese medicines. These herbs are known to have estrogen-like effects. The production of estrogen by the woman body may result in larger and firmer breasts. As any other medicinal drug or herbal compound, it may take some time for noticeable results. It is recommended to take this supplement at  least during 3 months. The use of this product may be discontinued upon results.
Fenugreek herb seed (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Fenugreek herb is traditionally used to increase milk production, by the woman body, for breastfeeding. Fenugreek herb contains estrogen-like substances and can stimulate the production of estrogen by the body. Estrogen is an essential hormone for larger and firmer breasts.


Fennel is also an aid to breastfeeding because contains flavonoids and coumarins, known as phytoestrogens, which are substances that affect female hormone levels. Fennel has been used as on option in many breast enhancement formulations.

Don Quai

Don Quai is used in Chinese medicine. Dong Quai contain "phytoestrogens", which are substances with estrogen-like effect. Dong Quai, also know as Angelica sinensis, is used primarily to treat health conditions in women, like gynecological disorders, painful menstruation, recovery from childbirth and fatigue.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is used for female infertility, to stimulate breastfeeding, for menstruation symptoms and promote breasts enlarging.


Damiana contain alkaloids which affects the progesterone levels. Damiana has been used as supplementation to increase libido and also to raise the level of essential hormones to promote breasts enlargement.

Panax ginseng

This variety of ginseng is considered beneficial for many health conditions including hormones balance and production.

All these ingredients can be found alone or combined in many breast enlargement formulations. However, whether they will make a difference or not depends on how they are blended in the formulation.

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