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The Best Modified Citrus Pectin You Can Buy

Citrus Pectin

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$18.95 / bottle = 1 month supply

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30-day supply: $18.95
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Shipping by US Postal Service - Priority Mail - Continental US: $4.95 flat up to 4 bottles - Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico: starts at $4.95. - International Orders: Canada / Mexico: $10.95 up to 4 bottles, or 1 pound - Other countries: $12.95 up to 4 bottles.

Modified Citrus Pectin - 800mg Capsule

Modified Citrus Pectin - Fruit Pectin Extract
  • Modified citrus pectin lowers cholesterol level
  • Good for joint disease and arthritis
  • Improves vein, arteries and connective tissues
  • Guaranteed potency and freshness extract from fruit pectin
  • By far one of the most potent capsules available

Modified Citrus Pectin Overview

Modified Citrus Pectin - Extract from Fruit Pectin

Citrus pectin is a natural fiber from apples and citrus fruits. It is used in jellies and jams. Recent studies link modified citrus pectin to cholesterol levels reduction, artery plaque removal, arthritis pain, diabetes improvement and even cancer risk reduction. Most pectin capsules in the market are low potency and will not make any difference to your health. Modified Citrus Pectin from Ambio Life offers the highest potency available per capsule - 800mg of pure modified citrus pectin.

Get the Facts on Citrus Pectin

Modified Citrus Pectin and Science

Many words could be written on this product. Check by yourself. Visit the American Cancer Society and the University of California on Citrus pectin.

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