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Crinis - Hair Loss Natural Solution


hair loss supplement

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hair loss supplement


$24.95 / bottle = 1 month supply

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30-day supply: $24.95
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Shipping by US Postal Service - Priority Mail - Continental US: $4.95 flat up to 4 bottles - Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico: starts at $4.95. - International Orders: Canada / Mexico: $10.95 up to 4 bottles, or 1 pound - Other countries: $12.95 up to 4 bottles.

Crinis - Hair Loss Solution

Crinis & Hair Loss, Hair Fragility
  • Reduce hair loss
  • Promote hair health
  • Natural alternative to prescription drugs for hair loss
  • Increase thickness and fullness of hair
  • Contain essential vitamins and natural ingredients for hair
  • Improve hair appearance
  • Prevent hair fragility


Product Overview

Crinis for Hair Loss

Crinis is an advanced formulation to help with hair loss or hair lack of firmness and thickness.

Crinis is a unique nutrition supplement formulated for hair health. Although it alone may not prevent hair loss, particularly when genetic factors are present, it certainly contributes for a healthier hair and can minimize hair loss.

One element that makes Crinis stand out among other hair products is that the nutrients contained in Crinis formulation work from the root to enhance hair growth activity and hair thickness.

If you are experiencing hair loss or your hair is fragile and thin, you should try Crinis. The results may be visible from 3 to 6 months of continuing intake of Crinis without interruption. 

Get the Facts on Crinis

Crinis for Hair Loss - What is Crinis

Many things can affect the quality of you hair and proper care helps. This includes the use of the good shampoo and conditioners, brushing and cutting. When proper care is neglected, hair loss and a poor hair appearance may follow.

There are studies confirming that hair loss is related to genetics. However, nobody can deny that diet and general health, including physical and emotional, can cause hair loss. We can control some of these factors. For instance; we cannot control our genetic predisposition to hair loss but we can control our diet and intake of vitamins. 

A healthy diet for hair includes essential vitamins and minerals that ultimately may prevent, or minimize hair loss. Vitamin B-complex is particular important for the hair health. Hair bulbs are composed of protein and amino acids, like Taurine, which is stored in the bulb and provides firmness and thickness to the hair.

Another important ingredient is a bio-flavonoid called Catechin. Catechin is often referred to a family of flavonoids found in some plants like green-tea and grapes. These substances prevent deterioration of the bulbs while supporting good health.

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