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Product Features & Benefits

Prostate-C brings many benefits and features to the table. Consider these points:
  • Prostate-C improves and protects the prostate gland better than any other nutritional supplement.
  • Prostate-C is a unique blend of topnotch ingredients that give its proprietary formula the ability to boost prostate gland health.
  • A highly potent form of Vitamin D is included in Prostate-C. Vitamin D has been shown to prevent and treat prostate cancer.
  • Folate (folic acid), vitamins B12 and B6, all powerful antioxidants, enhance prostate gland health and ward off diseases and other health issues.
  • At a ratio of 2:1, the antioxidant effects of vitamin E and vitamin C are increased by a significant margin, making Prostate-C that much more potent and effective.
  • Research has shown that ingredients soy isoflavones and lycopene are extremely beneficial for prostate gland.

Choose our  Prostate-BPH for benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign prostatic hypertrophy) or commonly known as prostate enlargement symptoms and Ambio-Silymarin for extra benefits on prostatic hypertrophy.

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Product Overview

Prostate-C - The Best Prostate Gland Supplement

Prostate gland is a hot topic at doctor's offices. As more information has become readily available about prostate gland health, prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia, more and more men are taking proactive steps to protect their health. Research has shown that taking in the right amount and variety of certain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can significantly improve prostate gland health and help keep prostate cancer at bay.

There are many prostate gland nutrition supplements on the market, but many of them fall far short of providing the ingredients that can truly boost prostate health. Prostate-C supplement packs a real wallop. Unlike so many other nutrition supplements for the prostate gland, Prostate-C isn't a placebo and doesn't contain a lot of useless filler. Instead, every single ingredient that goes into Prostate-C has proven results for protecting, boosting and enhancing prostate gland health.

Prostate-C is the most reliable prostate gland health supplement on the market today. Prostate-C is completely all natural and won't cause side effects. Take charge of your prostate health by using Prostate-C. In the long run, it will help you avoid diseases and will boost your immune system at the same time. You simply can't find a better product for prostate gland. Try our other prostate gland supplement, Prostate-BPH, for relief of benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms.

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Get the Facts on Prostate Gland

It is important to stay informed about prostate gland health and about issues like prostate cancer and prostate gland enlargement or benign prostatic hypertrophy. Use the information below to educate yourself about these key health topics.

Prostate Cancer and Prostate Gland Enlargement Of The Prostate

The prostate is a gland that is unique to men; it produces semen and is found near the bladder, around the urethra. It usually grows as men age, but it can also become diseased; prostate cancer is one of the most common prostate health concerns. This malign disease can either be confined within the prostate, or it may spread elsewhere in the body. Men over the age of 65 stand a much higher chance of contracting prostate cancer, which develops very slowly. Since it develops so slowly, if it's detected early enough the chances for survival are much higher. As for causes, doctors and researchers still aren't sure what causes prostate cancer; genetics, race, diet and age all seem to play a role.

The Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Many of the symptoms of prostate cancer are similar to those of enlargement of the prostate. Typically, symptoms do not occur until after the cancer has been detected by a physician. Common symptoms include:

  • Weak urine flow
  • Difficulty getting urination started
  • Burning and/or pain during urination
  • Frequent urination, especially at night
  • Despite feeling the need to urinate, very little urine is produced during urination
  • Pain in the pelvis or in the lower back
  • Blood in the urine

Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Digital rectal exams, or DREs, and blood tests are used to confirm or disprove the presence of prostate cancer.. Blood tests measure the levels of prostate-specifics antigens, or PSA (PSA prostate or PSA test), in the system; the higher the number, the likelier one is to have prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate can cause prostate cancer, too.

Treating and Preventing Prostate Cancer

As with many cancers, prevention is the best course of action when it comes to prostate cancer. Supplements like Prostate-C can help ward off prostate cancer. Should prostate cancer occur, surgery, hormone therapy or radiation may be recommended. Still to check the PSA prostate levels and the regular use of a high quality prostate supplement like Prostate-C is the best course of action.

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Product Formulation

Prostate - C Supplement facts

No other prostate supplements contain all the essential ingredients for the prostate health.
Vitamin D

Studies show that Vitamin D prevents the growing and division of cancer cells. There are evidences that larger doses of Vitamin D are useful for the treatment of prostate cancer. Scientific studies indicate that the daily dose of Vitamin D needed to fight cancer is much higher than the recommended daily intake (RDI). Vitamin D supplements can help the immune system to preventing illnesses like heart diseases, arthritis, bowel diseases, obesity, and cancer.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C

A continuing dose of vitamin E may reduce the risk of prostate diseases. It has been found that vitamin E and vitamin C are more powerful together than separated. These two vitamins work in synergism together. A pharmaceutical supplement compound comprising a slow-release formulation of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and the release of vitamin E (tocopherol) seems to raise and maintain the concentration of these vitamins in the blood plasma in a ratio of approximately 2:1. The steady-state concentration and ratio of these antioxidants may be critical in the prevention and treatment of oxidative stress related disorders. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are now included in the Prostate-C formulation.

Vitamin B6, Folate and Vitamin B12

Scientific studies point to the significance of the relationship between the reduction in cancer risk and the intake of vitamin B6, folate and vitamin B12 together. Based on the Harvard School of Public Health, the intake of folic acid (folic acid), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, can help fight heart diseases and cancer. Studies show that people who take folic acid from diets or supplements, have a lower risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.


Selenium is the minerals most found in studies and references on prostate diseases. Selenium is a mineral component of antioxidant enzymes. Rice and wheat are the major dietary sources of selenium in most countries. The amount of selenium in soil varies by region, and determines the amount of selenium in the foods grown. Most soil where the food grow are depleted of selenium, therefore, nutritional supplement is advisable.


Soy and components of soy called "isoflavones” have been investigated to determine the effect on health conditions. It is believed that isoflavones (such as genistein) have estrogen-like effects in the body. Some studies found that Isoflavones possess anticancer effects acting as a tyrosine-kinase inhibitor, which is a mechanism used in many cancer treatments. Westerners’ daily diet is low in soy or food products from soy. Soy isoflavones are included in our prostate supplement.


Lycopene is a substance found mainly in tomato products. In laboratory studies, lycopene has also been shown to interfere with the growth of many different types of human cancer cells growing in test tubes. There are many ongoing studies on lycopene and lycopene supplements on the contribution of the Lycopene on reduction of the prostate cancer risk. Nevertheless, the final conclusions are still to be reached, it is unlikely any adverse effects of tomato consumption or lycopene. Therefore, the use of Lycopene can only be positive.

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