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Product Features & Benefits

100% Best Whey Protein Isolate (90% protein content)
  • Best protein supplement whey isolate
  • Amino Acids added for bodybuilding training
  • Best whey nutrition for building muscle
  • Low-fat, low-carb content for lean muscle growth
  • Mix with water or milk for a delicious protein shake
  • No sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavors
  • Whey isolate is preferred to whey concentrate for lactose intolerance
  • Whey isolate contains less fat (0.5%) than whey concentrate (8%)

Product Overview

The Best Whey Protein Isolate for Bodybuilding & Muscle growth.

Why PureMass?

PureMass is made of 100% whey protein Powder supplement.  PureMass is the best protein supplement for bodybuilding, muscle growth, recoveries from surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or when the body is depleted of protein.

Why whey protein isolate supplement?

Whey protein supplements are natural and made from milk. PureMass does not contain flowing or coloring substances as other protein supplements. Most brands claim 100% whey but a closer look may review protein from soy added. Another claim is on the protein content. By reading the label you may find "protein blend", meaning lower protein content whey mixed to form the blend, which in turn means less protein per dose. Most often the content level of protein of the various ingredients are not disclosed. 
Click here to find how PureMass compares the most popular brands.

How much protein is contained in protein supplements?

protein calculator

Whey protein isolate: 1 ounce (28.35 grams) of whey isolate (90%) contains 25.51 grams of protein per ounce.

Click on the calculator to find your daily protein requirement.

Learn how to fix a delicious protein shake: Order two jugs of PureMass or GrowBig to receive our Recipe Book with 100 recipes of delicious protein shakes.

Get the Facts


Although the best source of protein are eggs followed by fish, poultry and meat, high quality protein supplement is needed for bodybuilding and muscle growth. Bodybuilding is not the only situation where protein supplementation is required. The body loses muscle mass when submitted to surgery, chemotherapy or radiology. In such conditions, the body may not absorb all protein from food. Protein from supplements can help muscle recovery.

Most protein powders claim high concentration of protein, but the average protein content, in most protein supplements, varies from 40% and 70%. Low quality protein supplements contain ingredients that inhibit enzyme in the digestive tract, resulting in poor protein absorption.

Those wanting to gain mass, especially for bodybuilders, should drink a protein shake between meals. Protein powder can be mixed with milk or water. Avoid protein shake with fruit juice. Protein is not well absorbed in the presence of sugar.


Without enzymes, protein food cannot be digested and become toxic to the body.

protein sources

protein intake

whey protein protein intake per body weight protein table

Product Formulation

whey protein isolate supplement
Cross-Flow Micro Filtered and Ultra-Filtered Whey.
Protein Isolate (90% protein content)
Natural flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla
Free-form Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). Free-from L-Glutamine
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