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The Best Silymarin Supplement for the Liver

Silymarin Supplement

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Silymarin Extract (Milk Thistle)

A Powerful Herbal Remedy for the Liver!
  • Improves liver function
  • Helps the immune system by improving liver activity
  • Scientific evidences on Silymarin indicate benefits for reducing cancer cells growth in women’s breasts and prostate cancers
  • Silymarin supplements have No known side effects

Silymarin Overview

Ambio-Silymarin Milk Thistle Extract Supplement

Silymarin supplements, from Milk Thistle extract has been used for centuries to treat liver problems and gallbladder diseases. Milk Thistle extract supplements are used for various types of liver disorders. Some studies suggest that Silymarin extract reduces cancer cells growth in woman’s breasts and man’s prostate. Our Silymarin supplement come with 500mg of Milk Thistle extract per dose, which provides 400mg (80%) of the active ingredient, Silymarin.

Get the Facts on Silymarin

Milk Thistle Extract – Silymarin (Silybum Marianum)

Based on the University of Maryland, scientific studies indicate that Milk Thistle extract, or Silymarin, the active substance in the Milk Thistle, is helpful for liver problems, protecting the liver cells from toxins, from the effects of alcohol and other drugs as acetaminophen or paracetamol, used for pain. These drugs and alcohol abuse can damage the liver cells when used regularly and in large quantities. Milk Thistle extract is indicated for the prevention and treatment of liver diseases, as hepatitis and fatty liver, and other liver problems related to alcohol abuse or chemical toxins such as carbon tetrachloride. There are reports from laboratory experiments that Silymarin reduces the growth of cancer cells. There are also reports of patients with liver cancer, who improved by taking Silymarin Milk Thistle extract. Silymarin supplements are largely used by veterinarians to treat liver problems in cats, dogs and horses. Despite the many evidences based on research, it is still too early to draw a final conclusion on the extent Silymarin is beneficial for liver problems. However, Silymarin supplements are affordable, and no undesirable side effects have been verified so far.

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